Frances leads her clients to design solutions
right for them.

Mentors and coaches help support the most successful people. Fresh eyes, ears and experience can be incredibly helpful at challenging junctures. A rich tapestry weaves past and future to provide a foundation for decision making. The most fortunate have mentors woven into their lives from many angles at various life stages.

However, there are times when we need a mentor or a coach who is not wrapped up in our everyday paradigm. Frances Lucas asks the right questions and listens intently and actively. She knows when to insert gentle advice and redirection.

Frances draws on years of experience and a vast breadth of diverse work circumstances. One of her goals is to inspire a client to say something out loud that surprises the client. Read what former clients have to say about Frances's work.

Frances Lucas is available for individual appointments and can consult by telephone, by teleconference or in person. She offers a 50-minute complimentary assessment session for both parties to determine whether or not she is the right match for the person's mentoring/coaching needs. Afterwards, she will determine an agreed upon hourly rate with her clients.


Previous and Current Clients


The names of coaching clients are kept confidential. However, here are the types of clients Dr. Lucas has coached and is coaching: 


Presidents and Chancellors
Vice Presidents and Provosts
Department Chairs
Board of Trustee Chairs
High School Principals and Heads of Schools


Human Resources Professionals
Presidents of Non-Profit Organizations
Senior Leaders of For-Profit Organizations
Health Care Executives